Martin Freekie Controller

The Freekie is a DJ controller that adds instant lighting control to the dancefloor mix. Packed with easy-to-use features, Freekie has pitch and pan/tilt control for instant lightshow to music synchronization

Pitch fader allowing instant speed manipulation of lightshow
Controls up to 12 fixtures each with 12 channels
Smart macro function for easy creation of circle movements
Joystick for pan/tilt control
Master intensity fader for all fixtures
Audio control: built-in microphone or external control signal input
Multi-purpose smoke and strobe buttons (customizable for additional DMX units)
Instant control of up to 24 shows with MIDI
Set wait/fade times for advanced programming
Followspot function: isolate any single fixture to work as joystick-controlled followspot
Sales price 180,00 €
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